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Experience the full variety of Scottish Culture, Music, and Entertainment with our Scottish Events and Experiences for Scottish Destination Weddings.

Make the most out of even a short visit with a jam-packed itinerary of Scottish Activities during your stay.

Incorporate these events into the Wedding Day, or take part in Scottish Experiences over the course of your visit.

A great way to get to know Scottish Traditions in a limited amount of time.

Our Services for Scottish Destination Weddings:

  • Kilt Hire
  • Scottish Shows
  • Scottish Experiences
  • Drinks Experiences

Kilt Hire

Outfit your entire group in Traditional Scottish Dress. Immerse yourself in Scottish culture and wear the full kilt outfit. For Gentlemen:

  • Kilt and Matching Tartan flashes
  • Prince Charlie Jacket and Waistcoat
  • Sporran
  • Ghillie Brogues (dress shoes)
  • Bowtie
  • Kilt hose (socks)
  • SgianDubh (“S-kee-an-dooh”; a dummy ceremonial Scottish Dagger)

Ladies can wear a Tartan Sash and Fastening Brooch, which can be worn with evening gowns, cocktail dresses or blouse/skirt combinations.

Our group Kilt hire service includes delivery to and collection from Edinburgh, Glasgow or St Andrews Hotels. Delivery to other hotels can be arranged for a small surcharge.

We also provide an instructional video so you can wear your Kilt properly.

Scottish Shows


Scotland’s National Instrument played by a Professional, competition standard Bagpiper in Highland Dress. A Bagpiper can be incorporated into a Destination Wedding in a number of ways, from welcoming the group as they arrive at the airport, to playing the Bride down the aisle. The Haggis Address is unmissable for first-time visitors to Scotland.

Learn more about our Wedding Bagpipers.


Our 10-piece Rock Band with a Horn Section and led by Bagpipes performs a 25 minute stage show complete with 3 mini-kilted Highland Dancers. Tartanium plays Rock and Pop Classics with a Scottish Twist.

Watch more Tartanium on the Reel Time Events Youtube Channel.

Learn more about Tartanium.


A high-energy opening event – Pipedown burst on to the scene with a fervent performance of rock, pop, and dance hits fused with Scottish tunes. Multiple bagpipe players are accompanied by keyboards and guitar, plus several world-class drummers.

Scottish Experiences

Bagpipe Workshop

Learn how to play Scotland’s national instrument under the tutelage of Reel Time’s Professional Bagpipers. Start on the Chanter and see if you can work your way up to making that iconic sound on a full set of bagpipes.

Highland Games

Host your very own set of Scotland’s ancient Highland Games. Toss the Caber, Fling the Hammer, and Shy the Haggis in your private Tournament. Our Highland Games activities are easily adapted to indoor locations with foam Cabers and indoor curling.

Virtual Reality

Strap on a Virtual Reality headset and embark on a tour of Scotland, experiencing all of Scotland’s landmarks in a whirlwind visit, accompanied by a specially commissioned score by Reel Time collaborator and renowned Scottish composer, Will Marshall.

Drinks Experiences

Cocktail Masterclass

Pour, shake, stir, and strain your own cocktails. Learn how to make Martinis, Mojitos and more from a Master Mixologist.

Whisky and Scottish Gin Tastings

Get to know the finest Scotch Whisky and Scottish Gins as our Tasting Experts guide you through the flavours and production processes.

Visit Reel Time Bars for more Drinks Services.

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