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Scottish Teambuilding Events and Activites ideal for Corporate Groups and Conference Social Programs.

Fun and Challenging Activities to get you out of your comfort zone. New Experiences that are great for making new friends and for strengthening existing coworker/team relationships.

Something for everyone

  • physical challenges
  • mental challenges
  • skills challenges
  • adaptable to varied abilities

Speak to a member of the Reel Time Team about your teambuilding goals and requirements. Develop a bespoke schedule suited to your team.

Our Teambuilding Activties:

Why Scottish Teambuilding?

  • For Visitors, it’s a great way to learn about famous national traditions and history while having fun
  • For Scots, get a new perspective on our shared cultural heritage by taking part in activities rooted in history


Ceilidh Dancing is the ultimate challenge of coordination. It’s a fun activity that is both a physical and skill challenge. A professional Ceilidh Band will teach you the dances and keep you right. With lots of partner-switching and group dances, Ceilidh Dancing epitomises Scottish Teambuilding.

Bagpipe Workshop

Learn how to play Scotland’s national instrument under the tutelage of Reel Time’s Professional Bagpipers. Start on the Chanter and see if you can work your way up to making that iconic sound on a full set of bagpipes.

Highland Games

Host your very own set of Scotland’s ancient Highland Games. Toss the Caber, Hurl the Hammer, and Shy the Haggis in your private Tournament. Our Highland Games activities are easily adapted to indoor locations with foam Cabers and indoor curling.

Jewellery Masterclass

Learn from a talented Scottish Jeweller. After a short demonstration of some basic techniques of Jewellery making, create a piece of jewellery to take home. The only limits are time and imagination! A fun activity that requires focus, skill, and dexterity.

Cocktail Masterclass

Pour, shake, stir, and strain your own cocktails. Learn how to make Martinis, Mojitos and more from a Master Mixologist.

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