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We offer a fantastic range of interactive experiences that allow your guests to mingle while being a part of the entertainment.  From falconry to fireworks we can offer experiences that are in keeping with your event theme or company values and can tailor the content of each experience exactly to your requirements.


Reel Time Events works with a fantastic falconer who provides flying and handling demonstrations.

Seeing great birds of prey such as Eagles, Hawks and Owls in their natural setting is a spectacular and exciting experience for any audience.  The birds are not tame or domesticated but choose to work as a team with their handler in pursuit of their quarry.  All have undeniable beauty and grace, and the experience of flying and working with these wonderful birds is one that will you always remember.

The art of falconry, bird handling and ‘living with my Bird’ are also discussed in these thrilling 30-60 minute sessions.

Murder Mystery

There has been a murder!!!  Our team of actors will introduce themselves to your guests over dinner, giving away clues as to who may have committed the awful crime.  It’s a fun and interactive evening for guests as they carry out the investigation.  Prizes are awarded for the winning team.

Themes include

  • The Jacobite Prince – giving guests a glimpse back in time to Scotland in 1745. The cast are all dressed in authentic Highland costume
  • Never Ever Say Never, Ever–Commander Bond is brought out of retirement to defeat the evil scientist trying to take over the world
  • Cluedo – based on the popular board game with favourites such as Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard

We can also devise a bespoke theme for your event and involve specific guests in the plot if you require it – maybe it’s your chance to murder the boss!

Casino nights

Want to offer your guests a taste of Las Vegas?  We can provide roulette, blackjack and poker tables, staffed by quality croupiers to ensure your guests get to experience the thrill of the casino, without the financial ruin!  We can even theme the money and croupiers to fit in with the overall theme of the evening.  If you want to go all the way, why not combine the casino night with our themed cocktail bar and bar staff, for a 50’s style Prohibition evening.


Our portable photo booths are the perfect way for guests to capture the spirit of your event themselves and provides an instant memento for your guests to take away.  Prints can even be customised to include a special message, corporate logo or specific colour scheme.  You will also receive a USB stick with a copy of all the photos from the event, and all images are stored digitally.  We can even customise or brand the photobooth for maximum impact, and can supply a prop box filled with accessories, wigs, hats and other props to allow your guests creativity to shine.


As a great finale to any spectacular gala evening, our fireworks displays will draw a conclusion to your event with a BANG!

We work with a professional fireworks company, fully trained and insured.  They plan, coordinate and fire a display to your exact requirements, including using your corporate colours or mirroring the theme of the event.

Displays can also be coordinated to music should you have a particular corporate anthem you would like to end the night with.  We can also incorporate a pipe band “beat the retreat” for an awe-inspiring finale to the evening’s entertainment.

Whisky Tours

Go straight to the source and meet the people who make the magic happen.  VIP whisky tours leave from Edinburgh taking in the local distilleries and whisky hot-spots, and have plenty of opportunities to sample Scotland’s famous tipple.

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