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Scottish Virtual Reality Experiences

Scottish Virtual Reality Experiences are a great way to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Scotland, especially when you don’t have time to sightsee in person. Using our standalone Virtual Reality headsets, we take Conference Delegates, and Coporate/Incentive groups on a virtual tour of Scotland.

Many guests when coming to a Conference at one of Scotland’s leading venues like the EICC, SEC, TECA, may only see an airport, a conference centre and a hotel room – maybe a bar if they are lucky!

We take Guests on an experience around Scotland to give them a chance to explore some of the sights our beautiful country has to offer.

About the Experience

Our Scottish Virtual Reality Film lasts 5 minutes per guest. They travel around Scotland using Oculus Go Virtual Reality headsets to explore in 360°.

One of our Virtual Reality Hosts help the guests get comfortable with the devices and make sure everything runs smoothly.

With 10 headsets, we can show 120 people our Film in an hour. We provide mood lighting for the virtual reality area, 360° swivel seats and a Virtual Reality reception area for the experience to be coordinated from.

Some of What You Will Experience:

  • Edinburgh Celtic Fire Festival
  • Callanish Standing Stone (from Outlander)
  • Hebridean Beach
  • Boat Journey to the Isle of Skye
  • Tobermory’s Old Pier
  • Glenfinnan Viaduct (AKA the Harry Potter train bridge)

360° Video/Photo Capture

We also provide 360° Video/Photo Capture of events and venues to help Conference Organisers, Hotels, and Exhibition Venues create their own 360° Experiences for a dynamic marketing tool or a unique memento of a particular moment from the event.

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