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Reel Time Events specialises in Scottish Music and Entertainment for Weddings. We’ve worked with couples and venues since 2005, providing Bagpipers, Ceilidh Bands, Discos & DJs, and much, much more.

We work with the finest professional musicians and performers in Scotland, which ensures we deliver an authentic Scottish experience every time.

Approved Supplier

We are approved suppliers to some of Scotland’s best Wedding Venues, including: Dundas Castle, Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club, The Hub, and the National Museum of Scotland.



The Clarsach (a small harp) is Scotland’s oldest instrument. It makes a delicate and beautiful sound and creates a lovely, elegant atmosphere as guests take their seats at the Ceremony, and as the Wedding parties walk down the aisle.


Classic choices for Ceremony music come from the Keyboard family: the Organ, the Piano, and the Electric Keyboard. Each has their own unique sound, suited to classic Ceremony tunes. Keyboard instruments also have the advantage of being great to play cover tunes on.

Custom Musical Combinations

Solo performers, duos, trios, quartets or more – hear your favourite musical instrument(s) during the ceremony, no matter how unorthodox the combination. Organs, Pianos, Keyboards, Harps/Clarsachs, and String Quartets are classic choices, but if you have your heart set on something else, there’s no reason not to walk down the aisle to it. Whether it’s an uncommon combination of instruments like a Piano and a Trombone, or even an obscure instrument like a Theremin, Reel Time Events makes sure your Wedding Day comes with the right soundtrack.

String Quartets

An elegant sound that can be both soft and grand. String Quartets can play classical favourites like Pachelbel’s Canon, and even some instrumental covers of modern hits, or your favourite song.

Wedding Bagpipers

The ultimate Scottish welcome from a competition-standard Bagpiper in full Highland dress. We work with the best Wedding Bagpipers in Scotland, playing hundreds of Weddings every year. Find out more about our Scottish Wedding Bagpipers:


Dinner Entertainment

Solo musicians, duos, trios, quartets, or any custom combination of instruments to play background music during a cocktail reception, dinner, and in between speeches.

Popular combinations include: a Guitar and Accordion Duo, a cocktail-hour Piano set, a Jazz trio, and a Live Lounge band.

PA & Lighting Systems

A professionally installed Public Address (PA) system so even distant relatives in the back of the room can hear the toasts and speeches.

Professional Disco Lighting to go with the music, dancing, and partying after dinner.

Ceilidh Bands

We are experts at providing Ceilidhs, particularly for Ceilidh novices. We have several Ceilidh Bands, each with a Ceilidh caller to explain the dances and maintain order on the dance floor.

We’re biased, because we love Ceilidhs, but we’d like to recommend including a Ceilidh dance or two in your Wedding especially if you have a number of international guests who have never experienced Scottish dancing. It’s great fun for all, and a great ice-breaker if some of the guests don’t know each other. Plus, it will leave them with one more amazing memory from the Wedding.

Our Ceilidh Bands are also happy to play a Pop Covers/Disco set after the Ceilidh to keep everyone dancing.

Wedding Bands

Our Wedding Bands are comprised of great Scottish Musicians who can perform your favourite songs (if told in advance), Pop Covers, and Party Hits with gusto and fervour. Bands are typically 5-piece – guitar, drums, keys, bass, and a singer – but can be customised according to requests.

Discos & DJs

A Professional Disc-Jockey to spin party hits with a full sound system (with lots of bass) and disco lighting. Let us know any requests in advance and we’ll see if the DJ can fit them in to their set-list.

iPod Disco

Send us your custom Wedding party playlist and we’ll set up an iPod with a professional sound system and professional disco lighting set up.

Scottish Experiences

Our Scottish Experiences are a great addition to a Wedding, and are particularly suited to guests of a Destination or Resort Wedding, where the festivities take place over a few days. Our Highland Games, Bagpipe Workshops, and Scottish Virtual Reality Experiences are a great way to show guests about Scotland and Scottish Culture in a short period of time.

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Drinks Experiences

Mobile Bars, Pop-Up Cocktail Reception, Cocktail Masterclass, Whisky and Scottish Gin Tastings. Incorporate drinks experiences into your Wedding events and take care of your beverage needs with fun activities.

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