Wedding Bagpiper

wedding bagpiper


To make your Wedding Day memorable from the start, your Bagpiper will greet guests with a lively set of pipe tunes as they arrive for the Ceremony. The Bride will be greeted (and nerves settled) before being Piped-in to the ceremony.

Small Pipes can be played during the Wedding Ceremony, or as the register is being signed.

Your Bagpiper can play the newly Married Couple back down the aisle, play as guests are leave, and provide a few tunes while photos are taken.

Reel Time - Wedding Bagpiper Hire


Wedding entertainment bagpiper Edinburgh

The bride, groom and guests can be piped into the reception venue, and there will be plenty more opportunities for photos. If desired, your Bagpiper can announce dinner and the top table line up.

The bride and groom can then be piped to the wedding cake, before taking their seats. It is a Scottish tradition for the Bride to present the Bagpiper with a Dram to congratulate them on their duties. The Bagpiper will respond with a Gaelic toast before playing himself out.

This is an outline of  standard, traditional Wedding Bagpiper services. Most special requests can be incorporated to customise your special day.

Haggis Address

haggis address

If there are Vistors to Scotland in attendance, and Haggis has been arranged as part of the meal, the Bagpiper will be happy to perform the Haggis Address. A grand, theatrical recitation of Robert Burns’ poem is a thrill for international audiences, particulary if it’s the first time they’ve seen a Haggis.

Watch Roddy perform the Haggis Address at the National Museum of Scotland:

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