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Whisky Tasting Events

Whisky Tasting – The Reel Time Approach

  • Passionate and Proud– Our whisky tasters have a real passion for whisky, having years of experience in the whisky industry. This passion for our national drink shines through in their depth of knowledge. They are justifiably proud that guests who came to our tastings knowing little about whisky, always leave with a greater knowledge and interest in our national drink.
  • From rich and sweet to strong and smoky– We clearly explain all the magic that makes whisky such a complex drink. Our method allows guests to really experience all the best that whisky has to offer, from complex aromas, to the insightful sip and ending with a long lingering finish.
  • Independent – We are not tied to a distillery, a drinks company or limited bottling range, so our professional whisky tasters are truly independent and unbiased in their approach. We can access the widest possible range of whiskies, whether for the complete novice or an experienced connoisseur.
  • Informative and fun  – We are proud that our client feedback consistently highlights our approach to inform rather than to lecture. Guests not only leave having enjoyed a dram or two, but have learned about the remarkable diversity of Scotch whisky.

About Our Whisky Tastings:

  • Tasting last anywhere from 30-90 min.
  • We provide the whisky, all glassware, whisky master tasters and whisky themeing for tables.
  • We can also organize whisky bottle or miniatures for sale to your guests, or as gifts from your company.
  • For VIP whisky tasting guests, we provide handmade whisky gift bags.

Whisky tasting options:

  • Pre-or-post dinner whisky tastings: These entertaining tastings for groups are a great way to enhance the dining experience.
  • Market Stalls Tastings: For larger groups (over 50), 3 or 4 drams are explained to guests around themed whisky stations.
  • Connoisseur Whisky Tastings: Serious whisky lovers can deepen their knowledge with a Whisky Connoisseur.
  • Whisky Cask Bar: We can bring our whisky cask bar to your event, stocked with a selection of great whiskies and staffed by one of our Whisky Experts. Guests are served a whisky from wide selection of fine malts and blends.
  • Try our Speakeasy Experience: Try 2 contrasting styles of single malt by a Whisky Expert. Our mixologist will then use the very same whiskies to create 2 delicious cocktails for guests to sample.
  • Whisky Cocktail Masterclass: Try some Whisky Cocktails and then learn to make them. Leave with memories and recipes.

All Whisky Tastings include: Crystal Glasses, Whisky, an Expert Taster, and Whisky Tasting Props.

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