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Bagpipe lesson

Bagpipe Workshop

Looking for a fun Bagpipe Lesson? We work with a range of groups who are looking for a fun introduction to the mighty highland Bagpipes. We offer a hands on Bagpipe Workshop experience. Learn the finger-work on the practice Chanter, before transferring your new skills to the Bagpipes.

Fun Bagpipe Workshops for Groups

Bagpipes Workshops can range from a short trial to a full tutored group experience. The lessons lasts between 15 and 60 minutes depending on numbers and lip strength. Usually groups of 10-20 are great for beginner lessons. For larger groups, we interchange Bagpipe practice with some Scottish dancing activities.

We work with Corporate groups, International Conferences, Scottish Incentive Groups and Destination Management Companies (DMCs), TV and Social Media personalities, and groups of people who just want to play the Bagpipes.

We Provide:

  • Practice Chanters for each player in the group
  • One set of bagpipes, which guests each get to play
  • Anti bacterial wipes to keep everything hygienic between players

You Need:

  • A Lot of PUFF
  • Some Water
  • A Sense of Humour
  • Determination
  • An Enthusiasm to Learn

We also need a suitable venue for the Workshop, one where we can make a lot of noise. We can recommend and arrange a venue if the group does not already have access to one (typically a Hotel Conference Room is a perfect location).

If you think you have what it takes, give it a blow!

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