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Event Bagpiper and Pipe Bands

Event Bagpiper

Having a professional bagpiper at your Scottish event will help to create a fabulous atmosphere from the moment the guests arrive. A traditional Scottish event bagpiper will entertain your guests and create a musical sparkle. Most of our pipers are Grade 1 competition standard and have been hand-picked for their musical abilities and their friendly, approachable nature.  Passionate about their instruments and Scotland.  Every Reel Time piper is happy to answer any questions your guests may have about the bagpipes. Of course they are always happy to pose for a picture. The pipers distinctive highland dress will add an extra splash of colour to your photos, and an extra talking point to the event.

Some of the services our Event Bagpipers provide include:

  • Piping to greet guests as they arrive
  • Bagpiper announcing and piping guests to dinner
  • Add some lively theatre to your dining experience with a Haggis Address
  • Playing for a Highland dance performance

Edinburgh and Glasgow Event Bagpipers

We have the very best pipers in Edinburgh who are available for events and engagements across Scotland. Reel Time has contacts across the rest of the UK for events further afield.  We often arrange for our pipers to attend international functions including Burn’s Suppers for ex-pat Scots, St Andrew’s evenings and other international events.

Event Bagpiper Uniform

Pipers are available in full Number 1 regimental dress (with or without the furry hat,) or Number 2 uniform (kilt, jacket, shirt and tie).

Pipers can also be dressed to your requirement, including product logos or colours added to the uniform. This maximises your marketing message and providing a truly Scottish image to promote your brand.

We often work with brands for Scottish photoshoots, film assignments, advertising campaigns and VIP events.

Small Pipes

The Scottish small pipes are smaller and quieter than the bagpipes and are bellows blown.  They are perfect to be played indoors and can provide a great Scottish atmosphere for drinks receptions and intimate dinners.  The small pipes can be accompanied by guitar or fiddle. The sound can be amplified through a PA system for larger groups if required.

Pipe Band Beat the Retreat

As a spectacular conclusion to any Scottish gala dinner or corporate event we can organise a pipe band to beat the retreat.  Typically, the spectacle includes a 16-piece pipe band in full regimental uniform, marching, making formations and can also include a drum fanfare.  We can scale the band size to meet your venue requirements.

If you have a VIP guest we can, on request, arrange a salute to the chieftain. This is where a member of the pipe band requests their permission to leave. Fireworks and Highland dancers can also be included in pipe band shows.

Throughout history pipe bands have helped rouse and lead warriors for battle. Today we can rouse your guests and entertain them with a spectacular end to their event, concluding with piping them to their awaiting coaches and homeward.

Bagpipe Workshop

As a special experience when visiting Scotland, we can offer guests a bagpipe masterclass. This is a fun and informative hands on session with a bagpiper, to learn how to play Scotland’s national instrument.  Bagpipe masterclass sessions can last between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on group size and puff level!  We bring a chanter (the practice instrument) for each participant, along with a set of bagpipes for the full experience!  This is a great session for those wanting to learn a little more about our rich culture at the same time as testing their hot air levels.

We also guarantee funny photo opportunities! Come on, have a blaw.

21st Century Bagpipe Dance Music

An innovative twist on the standard disco.  Reels and jigs played by one of our talented pipers with dance music backing tracks.  Providing a funky Scottish disco groove.  Great for creating an impact. This can be a stand-alone showpiece performance or accompanied by mini kilted dancers.

We can even call a ceilidh dance, if guests would like to try some Scottish dancing.  This is a great option to inject some Scottish energy into your conference.

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