Reel Time Musicians - Pipe Bands at Meeting and Incentive Forum, Edinburgh


As a spectacular conclusion to any Scottish gala dinner, corporate event or conference, we can organise a pipe band to beat the retreat.  Usually the spectacle includes a 16 piece band in full Number 1 uniform (with the big furry hats) marching, making formations and can include a drum fanfare.

If you have a VIP guest or chairperson, we will (on request) arrange a salute to the chieftain. This is where a member of the pipe band requests their permission to leave. Sometimes highland dancers are also included in pipe band shows.

Performances generally last between 5-25 minutes, although we work with your specifications to organise whatever you require up to a full hour concert. Usually the bands are 16 piece, including bagpipers and drummers (snare, tenor and bass).

Throughout history pipe bands have helped rouse and lead warriors for battle. Today we can rouse your guests and entertain them with a spectacular end to their event. Followed by piping them to their awaiting coaches!

“The pipe band were amazing.  I thought I was going to explode with excitement!!  It was a fabulous day, really brilliant and the pipe band only added to the magic!  They really were outstanding and everyone was overwhelmed”

Dundas Castle client, Spring 2009.