Robert Burns, our nations bard wrote this famous poem ‘the address to a haggis’ about Scotland’s national dish.  The poem lasts 4-5 minutes and is presented theatrically to entertain guests as a short lively interjection to your corporate event dinner.  Click to see haggis address video.

This is usually done before the guests dine on a haggis course(usually with neeps and tatties), but sometimes with haggis canapés as well. 
The piper will pipe the haggis into the room, and round the tables (if there is space) along with the chef and whisky barer.  The haggis address will be briefly explained, then the poem is recited.  Then guests are asked by the piper to toast the haggis with their drink (quite often a wee dram "small whisky").

Many of the Reel Time pipers can perform the address.  Organisers please note that to perform this ceremony, a chieftain haggis is required and caterers should be informed in plenty time so they can catch one!

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