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Function Bands

Function bands can play a variety of music.  Pop, rock, soul, jazz? You give us an idea of what you like to listen to! Or more importantly what will work for your guests, and we can find a suitable function band to play for you.

Bands usually include a combination of vocals (male and/or female), keyboards, guitar (acoustic/electric and bass), drums and percussion.  Some of the bigger bands we work with have a brass section as well to enhance the sound.

Our function bands always come smartly dressed and are ready to rock the room!

Listen to samples of the function band on our media pages.

Jazz Band

If you are looking for background music or a lively entrée as guests make their entrance, a jazz band can make the day.  Our jazz bands can add the finishing touch to a suave reception.

Bands can play everything from classic to modern jazz, with or without a singer, and swinging songs from all eras.

Whether you are looking for a solo jazz guitarist, a duo or trio, a singer to accompany them or a full 16 piece big band. We are here to help.

Have a look and listen to one of our bands on our media pages.

Soul Band

Soul music is party music – it’s dance music with energy and emotion.  Our band is an exciting, all-live 9-piece soul band with a big sound.  Consistently delivering memorable performances for corporate functions and private parties.

The band perform Soul, Rhythm & Blues and Motown classics from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and the Blues Brothers mixed in with the funk of James Brown. We can cover modern classics too.  With classic and uplifting music your event is guaranteed to be an all-out success with your guests.

Our typical line-up includes a horn section, with keyboards, bass, drums, guitar and vocals, but can be adjusted to suit the event and venue.

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