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David Ho - Bagpiper and the Bride


Helping you plan and coordinate your perfect wedding day.

We have been working in the industry for many years now and have pinpointed the best suppliers in the market. These are the people that help to make your big day special, allowing you to relax and enjoy the smooth running of the wedding you have planned.

From invitations and room settings to all your entertainment requests. We can also take all the hassle out of hiring a kilt outfit and arranging flowers.

Whatever sort of wedding you decide on, from a small intimate ceremony to a multi-day wedding with music and dancing, we can help you make the day a success.

Wedding Entertainment

We will tailor the entertainment to help to help make your day just perfect.  We want to help you create the perfect atmosphere on your big day. We will provide the high points with bridal marches or first dances and the music will seamlessly drift into the background as guests are mingling and dining.

If you want an unforgettable wedding day, we can take all the hassle out of organisation. We work with what we regard to be the best in the industry.

  • Bagpiper: As a grand introduction to your ceremony as guests arrive at the venue
  • Keyboard, clarsach or string quartet: As guests take their seats
  • Keyboard: As the bride makes her grand entrance and accompanying any hymns during the ceremony
  • Keyboard & small pipes duets the register is signed
  • Jazz band, small pipes, clarsach at cocktail reception
  • The piper can announce and pipe guests from cocktail reception to wedding breakfast
  • Pipe in top table
  • Pipe in bride and groom
  • Pipe in and address the haggis (if haggis is included on the menu) if your guests are coming from abroad, then it can be a real stamp of culture to have the piper perform our nations bard’s renowned poem
  • String quartet over dinner
  • First dance: Your choice of bridal waltz played by your band, or if you would prefer a special “us” tune played by the disco
  • Ceilidh Band to talk and then play guests through the dances. (including Gay Gordon’s, Dashing White Sergeant)
  • The disco will play some music in the background while people enjoy a little more to eat as the buffet served
  • Ceilidh second set (with dances like Virginia Reel, Military Two Step).
  • Alternatively, (and depending on timings) the Disco can take you through for the rest of the evening
  • We can also provide a Function Band to dance to

We can tailor your entertainment to fit in perfectly with your requirements and help to create a unique and special day.  We want to help to create the perfect atmosphere and ensure that everything runs seamlessly.

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