Our interactive murder-mysteries are the toast of the town.
The cast are in place and whether it's a dirty deed done dirt cheap in 1746, medieval mayhem or naughtiness in the noughties, our crack team of over-the-top boys and girls will entertain you with strange stories, bare-faced lies and herrings of much redness.
There's been a murrrder you say?
Well we'd better sort out whodunnit and why.
And who else?
Come on, just give us a conclusion.

We work with a great group of characters that will come and stage a murder
mystery at your venue. Usually 3 actors for these evenings make for a great
interactive event.

Themes include: Cluedo, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Brooch, Dickies millions, Love lies bleeding. And for the extremely brave, our new, compulsory fancy-dress pirate murder-mystery, Singing In The Rigging.
Man overboard?????

Please enquire for details.

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