Reel Time works with many characters from Scotland’s colourful history.  We can bring a part of this history to your corporate event, with characters such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and The Clann.  Whether talking to guests about their role in history, bestowing a knighthood on your boss or taking your guests by surprise with an ambush or battle display.  These characters bring castles to life or start your conference with a spark. 

The Clann:  

The Clann was formed in the late summer of 1985 by like minded Scotsmen and Scots women to promote, preserve and create awareness for Scottish Culture and Heritage.  In doing so they created one of the finest living history societies in the country.

Please have a look at Clan Fighting demonstrations for Scottish Events here

Clan fight:  Axes, claymores and broadswords clash and sparks fly as the clansmen battle to the death.  Choreographed controlled fight scenes that will leave guests with an understanding of the early battles over Scotland. (Torch lit processions can be organised to guide clients back to their carriages.)
The clan come dressed in old style kilts, and can arrange to show guests how these are worn, even dress one of your unsuspecting guests up for a fight! The clan can also ambush your guests coach, form a guard of honour, set up clan camp outside your venue.
Shows of 10-30 minutes will leave guests with lasting memories of our ancient warrior past.

Robert The Bruce: 
Victor at Bannockburn in 1314, a date in every Scotsman's memory, the warrior king of Scots is back to tell of his leading role in the wars of independence. Acting as story-teller, compere or just being on hand to deliver a heroic speech to the troops, King Robert is generally in jovial mood and happy to pose for those unique photographic opportunities.

Should someone deserve it, he can even confer an honour on a guest or two, complete with ceremonial scroll. As the King says, 'Always get it in writing'. Accompanying the King, on occasion, is good Queen Elizabeth, there to make sure he behaves himself. King Robert ensures your occasion is a Royal Occasion and with such an esteemed visitor attending your event, it is a truly historic moment in time.


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